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Our current eCPM is more than double the market average. Based on our experience with current clients, we won't lose a cent on our promise to pay you double. If actual performance is less than double, we make up the difference to you in cash.

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We guarantee we'll double your mobile ad revenue, or we make up the difference in CASH. No one else on the market makes this promise.

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We're not here to please advertisers, we are here to please App Developers. We do everything possible so developers make more money on ads.You need only register and add our lightweight SDK to your app to start making more money with us today.

optimization available

When you signup for our service you make most existing mobile ad networks and RTBs work for you: meaning you'll always have 100% fill-rates. But that’s not the whole story. We've developed a very intelligent optimization mechanism that ensures we're matching your ad request with the most profitable deal. It all happens automatically.

We don’t hunt down the highest bids by advertisers like our competitors do. We search all Ad Networks and RTBs for the highest revenue for you.

For example: most of the highest bids out there come from a TOP 5 advertiser, meaning chances are high their product is already installed on your player's device. Such a fill will only take ad space in your app and not generate any profit.

Simple Integration

With us there is no need to sign up for all ad networks and RTBs individually: You just sign-up with AdAppIO, include our simple and lightweight SDK and we do the rest.

We'll work for you to make sure you make the maximum possible ad revenue on your current mobile traffic.

  • – Is Ultra Light-Weight
  • – Takes only 30 minutes to integrate
  • – Supports all frameworks
  • – Includes live support